Beat That!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Clearly this is evidence of a mommy with too much time on her hands. I am however, going to shift the blame to my mother and sisters who thought this up. How many words can YOU spell out of YOUR kids initials?

So the challenge for all you wordsmiths (no pun intended!) and scrabble champions…
1)Make more than 15 words with your children’s initials or
2)List an English dictionary recognized word with my children’s initials that I’ve forgotten
A giveaway at hand here!!

By the end of our “creative shoot” Tristan was more than a little peeved that a “T” was required for all but one of the words we came up, tab, bat, tea,

tie, beat, be, ate,
bite, bit, eat, it,
bet, bait, abet

that’s all folks…what am I missing?
T-shirts courtesy of Luna Belle Boutique

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