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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick praise this morning…

Evie has had a blocked tear duct since birth which gives her a weepy eye most of the time.  (actually, her daddy calls her “Cyclops” in the morning cause she wakes up with one eye gunked closed ususlly).  
Her ophthalmologist has delayed doing surgery on it because of her elevated risks under anesthesia.  He even proposed swaddling her bambino style and probing it without anesthesia, but commented that it would likely be very traumatic for her. (….um….yeah!) 
Needless to say, its been the least of our worries with all her other issues, but when her surgery was scheduled for the Wednesday the 7th, we asked him to cooperate and do his procedure at the same time, but were told emphatically by his personal assistant that he only does surgery on Thursdays.
God can turn the hearts of kings (and doctors!) and we just got a call that he is making an exception and will participate on Wednesday.  Praise the Lord!  

  • GoofyJ says:

    I found your site through Kim’s site. We have a son with TGA as well – our 4th of our 5 kids. Jacob wasn’t diagnosed until 10 days either and we nearly lost him as well – by the time they got him life flighted to where he needed to be he was at 30% oxygen and our cardiologist was amazed he was alive. They had to give his organs time to recover and so were hoping to wait until he was 16 days old to do surgery, but because his sats plummeted into the 50s and wouldn’t come up they did surgery at 14 days.

    A few usual complications, but now he is a healthy almost 4 year old wreaking havoc on his three older sister’s iives. 🙂

    I hope the surgery coming up for Evie goes well, and what a blessing that they can do the tear duct at the same time.

    by the way, it was so good for me to read that you didn’t find out until she was ten days old, you are the only person so far that I have ‘met” that didn’t find out for days, and I have often wondered if I should have noticed something sooner.

    Would you mind if I followed your blog and linked you in my heart kids section?

  • Yay! Your daughter is so beautiful… God can indeed move the hearts of kings.

  • Oh Mandy, this is wonderful news! Just the thought of holding her through it terrifies me…I am so relieved that she will get so much accomplished! God moves mountains for those He loves and who love Him!

    We have had a busy day and are just getting ready for bed…yes, this is incredibly late for us! Let’s talk tomorrow!

    Love you~ Rebecca

  • Kelly says:

    oh sweet friend!! We are praying! Love your new photos!!! Praying for you during cabin fever days!! Thank you for keeping us informed!! Each one of you is so dear to us!

  • JShaffer says:

    Mandy~ I am praying fervently for Wednesday! Praise the Lord for flexible doctors who are willing to change their days of operations! Sonora and I are back in town and would love to see you all but we do not want to share any germs that would keep Evie from a strong immune system. Maybe we could come wave to you through the windows and play charades…. All our love to all of you!

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