Another Summer Day…Has Come and Gone Away…

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Freshly sharpened pencils.
Crayons that aren’t broken.
Markers that fit neatly in the box with caps still on.

Whats not to love about the first day of school?

I tried to psyche myself up.  I really did.
But that knot in the pit of my stomach started to ache at parent orientation last night.  The noose began to tighten as I sat listening to the principal recite bus rider protocol and the PTA president giving a financial report.
Inwardly I cringed every time I heard it.
The “S” word.
you know….

Schedule.  Im not a fan!  Im more of a two-cups-of-tea-in-my-pajamas-each-morning kinda mom.  I love flexible bedtimes, late nights, slow starts and mealtimes that work around trips to the pool.
Homework, alarm clocks and the carpool line are not my favorite things.
And at least one of my kids is wired exactly like me in this respect!

But mostly…mostly….I just miss them.  Miss our blissfully lazy summer days where their biggest decisions are what color popsicle to choose.
But we made the most of it today.  Not a tear from me until I was driving away watching them in the rear view mirror…(why did I think it was going to be easier this year?)  Colorful brand-spankin’ new school supplies and backpack treats and snacks laid out this morning.  Donuts for breakfast.  Playground after school.  And everyones favorite: Spaghetti Dinner to talk about their first day back.
Its going to be a great year.  It will, I know!  
And when I look back at this next year, my kids will seem SO much bigger, Im sure.  Here’s the scoop on these crazy cute kids that Im absolutely wild about:
Britain 2nd Grade

Abigail 3rd Grade

Tristan 3rd Grade

What’s your favorite subject?
T: Math
A: Math
B: Math
…clearly, they did not receive THAT gene from their mother!

What do you look forward to most after school?
T:” Coming home to my turtle, my gecko and the baby”
A: “Holding Gigi”
B: “Seeing the baby and my cat”
…What did we DO before we had Gigi?

What are you going to spend PAW points on this month? (school incentive)
T: “Basketball in the gym”
A and B (in unison): “DANCE PARTY!”

What do you think the hardest thing about school will be this year?
T: “Not seeing you Mom, and Gigi all day” (…sniff, sniff…me too Buddy!!)
A: “Being quiet when i have to” (not surprising coming from my little Social Butterfly)
B: “That Cheyenne isnt in my class again this year”

Here’s to a great school year ahead.
179 days left…counting down till summer break!!

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