Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amol has been instrumental in founding the Place of Refuge home for orphaned and abused children.  Loosing his own father (an elecrtician) to a fatal shock 14 years ago no doubt has been a compelling thrust for his heart to minister to fatherless children.


Amol ministering to kids in Shevgaon Place of Refuge home for orphans

Amol comes from a home where his mom was Christian and his dad was Hindu.  At one point, Amol began the process of becoming a Roman Catholic priest, but God has had His hand on Amols life and began drawing him to Himself.  A visiting pastor to his region shared a bible with Amol who began studying the Word of God and became convinced that Jesus was who He said he was.  Amol gave his life to Christ.

DSC_8083 (1)

4 years ago, Amol was invited to be apart of the SCP work in India.  He says that the values emphasized through SCP resonated so deeply with his vision all along which was to take Jesus everywhere.  “SCP brought words to what I was already doing…..a true Acts 5 model”.


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