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Friday, May 7, 2010

Abi spent a great deal of time on a “portrait” of her little sister. We’ve been learning about portraits in Art Class and this was her final piece to create. When she brought me her masterpiece I “oooh-ed” and “aah-ed” over her attention to detail.

It was after she skipped out of the room that a lump began to form in my throat.
Evie’s stormy blue eyes are her prominent feature.
Her silky dark curls, a trademark.
A hairbow is always in place.
But there is another characteristic that defines our girl. Can you see it?
Look closely and you will see a silver scar peeking above the neckline of her dress. My first reaction was a deep sadness. This will forever be something she carries. My little girl should have perfectly flawless skin. Not pock marks from chest tubes and wires and a jagged streak down her front. An Xray of her chest should not show wire staples that will forever hold her ribcage together. A two year old should only have boo-boos from scraped knees which can be comforted with a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid. And yet, she’s been through more excruciating pain than you and I will have in a lifetime.
But, I began to think about scars. She’s not alone in carrying them. We all have scars. Some are visible, some are silently painful. Broken hearts both physical and emotional. Shattered dreams. Self inflicted wounds. Scars are not foreign to any of us. Even our precious Lord carried scars.
But the funny thing about scars……they need air and light to heal! Physical incisions are often left open to absorb nutrients from light in order to expedite the healing process. Our “hidden” scars are the same. Until the Light is shown into the deepest wounds of our hearts, true healing cant take place. Many of us want to cover our scars. Pretend they dont exist. We masquerade as whole and healthy individuals. But underneath, those wounds are left to fester when not given the opportunity to breathe and heal.
But when we finally get tired of covering up the wounds. When we finally uncover that which we have sought to conceal, then true healing takes place and then we have a story to share. A story of His redemptive power to create something beautiful by healing the broken pieces of our life. Its not the scars that define us, but rather, what we do with those scars.
My prayer is that God will use Evie’s scar in a mighty way. That she will wear with pride, her “car” (as she calls it). There will come a day that questions are asked. Children can be cruel. I hope she uses all that pluck and spunk she’s learned from the School or Hard Knocks and smiles as she tells her story. I cant wait to hear her version….bringing the Lord glory through her little healed heart and beautiful scar.

  • Faith M. says:

    I love the picture. Your children know Evie no other way, and I understand the sadness that comes with that but it is also just something they accept. They love her and they know that it is a part of her life and theirs. Thanks for the rest of the post. It was a needed reminder.

  • Lacey says:

    Agreed! Mondo last year drew a picture of Jax, complete with oxygen and feeding tube. It was very sweet!

  • Very good! I have been dealing with some “scars” myself and this encouraged me. Continuing to pray for you.

  • ogremom says:

    Mandy — such a beautiful post!

  • Josie says:

    SO sweet. Such A little miracle baby! She is so perfect and so beautiful just the way she is. I love her little scar as it tells the story of her life and the strength of your and, someday, her faith and trust in God. I love you sis!

  • Lindsay Dean says:

    Just simple beautiful!!

  • katherine says:

    Thank you mandy for sharing this. i have a lump in my throat as i write. what a beautiful picture of Christ love and healing power.
    love you and your precious kiddos

  • The Carter's says:

    Beautiful post, and beautiful, perfect little girl.

  • Oh Mandy.. this is awesome.. I actually looked first thing to see if there was a scar on the portrait.. I just love the simplicity of children and how they dont see it as a bad thing.. just the way things are. I love how Evie’s siblings love her scars and all. What a blessing for them to grow up knowing that scars are not scary things or things that are unsightly or should be hidden. This will help them so much in life. Anyway.. thank you for this.. I needed a little bit if perspective right now and this just hit the spot… Thank you for sharing…

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