Thursday, February 14, 2008

As of this evening there’s not much in terms of “answers” to report.

From 5am this morning till 5pm this evening Evie slept maybe 10 minutes and spent most of the time in coughing spasms. Needless to say both mother and daughter are exhausted.

It’s quite interesting when every Doctor and specialist you talk to is baffled by her condition and concerned by the severity of her coughing fits.  We just met with a Doctor that saw her through the Intensive Care process and he was amazed at how complex trying to understand what’s wrong with her has become.

As of right now they are working to address the symptoms;
Tylenol for her fever, 102F as of this evening
Oxycodone to help knock her out
Tylenol w/ Codeine for the pain-and to knock her out.
Propranolol (beta blocker) for her arrhythmia
Adavan (baby Valium) to help relax her
Lidocaine to numb the esophagus in hopes of alleviating the cough
3 other medications to treat possible reflux (precautionary)

As you can see all we know is that she’s the happiest when she’s not awake.  Every time she’s awake she has coughing spasms, burns too many calories, throws up her food and her medicines.  Please pray that tomorrow will be more eventful in finding the source of Evie’s discomfort.

Thank you all for praying and lifting her up.  We rest in knowing that there is One that understands every inch of her body and is in control.

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