Friday, November 20, 2009

Our THIRD Fabulous Friday Freebie is a
Gift Set from Nicole’s Nursery

One lucky, baby-loving winner will be the recipient of a girl or boy themed Gift Package of 3 Lovely Burp Cloths from Nicole’s Nursery.
My third-born was mere weeks old when we had to attend a wedding of a friend. I nursed her in a quiet room above the sanctuary during most of the service and hastily burped her so I could make it down for the reception. The bride, a good friend, thought it would be fun to get a picture with the youngest member of their wedding party. Handing baby-dearest off to the beautiful bride apparently jostled that little bubble out of my baby’s tummy and with it, half of her feeding.
Yes! Onto the bride! Just the hem of her dress, but…still!
Perhaps I would not have been so mortified if I’d had a fashionable, plush burp cloth to apologetically hand my friend. But alas, I found myself scrambling for paper napkins. Learn from my mistake ladies! Every new mom needs a set of these!

But should your baby be out of that lovely stage, there is something for everyone at Nicole’s Nursery. Specializing in custom designs and bubbling with creativity, Nicole’s Nursery can outfit your little tyke…or your little turkey.

Contact Nicole’s Nursery with a specific request or browse their adorable assortment of hooded towels, nursery decor, applique onesies, bibs and burp cloths. Nicole’s Nursery also designs fashionable waterproof tags for labeling all your diaper bag contents before sending your little one to the MOPS nursery. Sure beats writing their name in permanent marker on everything! Check out their adorable listing for custom patchwork skirts or contact them if you have something specific in mind! And what would a boutique be without an assortment of pillowcase dresses? The lovely selection at Nicole’s Nursery, will leave you longing for spring!
Shop Nicole’s Nursery this week and enjoy a 10% discount off your entire purchase! Don’t forget to mention Fabulous Friday Freebies and your discount will be refunded after the transaction is completed.
You can leave up to 4 separate comments to increase your chances of winning the Gift Set from Nicole’s Nursery
The game rules are as follows.
(does not have to be in the following order).
For 1 entry:
Leave me a comment with your name and your favorite item from Nicole’s Nursery. Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
For 2nd entry:
Tell me about a time you wish you’d had cute burp cloths (like my wedding fiasco above) Leave a NEW comment with your story.
For 3rd entry:
Become a fan of Nicole’s Nursery on Facebook. Leave me a NEW comment telling me you are a fan.
For 4th entry:
Make a purchase from Nicole’s Nursery with a 10% discount and leave me a NEW comment telling me what you bought.
The winner will be drawn by a third party and announced on Wednesday on this site. Good luck and happy shopping!

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