Friday, December 11, 2009

Our SECOND Fabulous Friday Freebie is
TWO Gift Packages from We Choose Joy
#1 – A $30 Gift Certificate
# 2 – A “LMNOP Tee” or Bodysuit of Choice

Looking back, we’ve had a bit of a gender bias with these weekly giveaways. Entirely too many ribbons and bows and pink and frills. So this feature is, well, almost entirely dedicated to outfitting your handsome little man! Therefore, I wont elaborate on this darling little hat, bootie and T-shirt combination…
…but I take great pleasure in bringing to you from We Choose Joy, the Tie Collection…
Since we didn’t find out what we were having when I was pregnant with the twins, it wasnt until after Tristan and Abi were born that C and I realized how different our tastes were in dressing a little boy. We’d been given a darling blue Feltman Brothers gown (mind you, not to be confused with a dress) that I was so excited to dress Tristan in for church the first Sunday we took him out in public. C looked at it, raised an eyebrow, and a heated discussion followed. He was not letting his son wear a lacy smocked outfit in public and I was not going for the tie dyed newborn shirt he’d picked out. Im pretty sure these Tie Tees from We Choose Joy would have been a happy middle ground to find at that moment.
Suave and stylish, these cute shirts are a whimsical top for your handsome little guy. Get a onesie for your newborn and a matching tee for the proud big brother. We Choose Joy accepts custom orders to perfectly pair a cozy cap with a coordinating tee in your color scheme of choice. Shop their store accessing free shipping when you mention Fabulous Friday Freebies in a note to seller.
Add matching booties to outfit your dashing, debonaire little man from head to foot!
You can leave up to 4 separate comments to increase your chances of winning one of the two giveaways from We Choose Joy

The game rules are as follows.
(does not have to be in the following order).
For 1 entry:
Browse We Choose Joy and tell me with you’d spend your $30 shopping spree on if you won. Leave a comment including your email address so I can contact you if you win.
For 2nd entry:
Post about this giveaway and link it on your blog. In a NEW comment leave your blog address.

For 3rd entry:
Become a Smith Stalker. If you are already a follower, this entitles you to a second entry as well. In a NEW comment tell me you are “stalking”.

For 4th entry:
Make a purchase from We Choose Joy accessing free shipping. Leave a NEW comment telling me what you bought.
The winner will be drawn by a third party and announced on Wednesday on this site.

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