Friday, December 11, 2009

Our FIRST Fabulous Friday Freebie is a
$30 Gift Certificate from
Handmade Ministry

True, as a mom to 5, my energy, resources and focus is primarily on keeping them dressed, fed and happy. I love that my days are filled with cutting food into bite sized pieces, repeatedly washing peanut butter handprints off my windows, arranging “flower bouquets” of weeds my darling children bring inside and slapping spiderman band-aids on boo-boos. But, when the rare and wonderful opportunity presents itself for a night-on-the-town out with my handsome man, I love to play that part too!
When offered an item of choice from Handmade Ministry, I let my hubby make the selection and he wasted no time choosing this darling dress. Easy, breezy, sweet and flirty, Handmade Ministry offers a bit of fashionable flair all the way from Bangkok Thailand.
Lovely dresses for a dinner date or to layer as a top over jeans in a more casual setting.
Scarves are in, have you noticed? Bundled up to your nose for sleigh-rides, or as we do it in the south, thrown over your shoulder paired with a tank top…this is my new favorite look! Handmade Ministry designs lightweight cotton scarves which are a steal at only $10 each. A cute accessory and an easy fashion statement.
Has anyone else who has traveled the world ever notices that American girls are the only females on the planet that wear pajama pants to a restaurant for breakfast? It makes me laugh every time! Seriously, in Ukraine, women wont leave home without their stiletto heals on. This includes the six months out of the year that it is 20 below and the ground is covered in ice and snow.
Saudi Arabian women may wear an Abayah out in public, but underneath, she has designer clothes, jewels and make-up on.
I get the concept of comfort. I do! I and am happily writing this from the comfort of my living room, by my sparkling tree in my husbands flannel plaid pajama pants at this moment. However, I wonder if slipping into these might be a more appropriate alternative for that early morning coffee date instead…
You can leave up to 4 separate comments to increase your chances of winning the

$30 Gift Certificate from Handmade Ministry
The game rules are as follows.
(does not have to be in the following order).
For 1 entry:
Browse Handmade Ministry and tell me what you’d buy with $30! Include your email address in a comment so I can contact you if you win.
For 2nd entry:
Fes’ up….tell me the most absurd place you have worn your pajamas to. We promise not to laugh:-)

For 3rd entry:
Phone a friend…or text or twitter or email or telegraph. Tell a girlfriend, your momma or your sister about the fun fashion at this giveaway. Leave a new comment letting me know.

For 4th entry:
Make a purchase from Handmade Ministry . When you mention FFF in a convo to the seller, she will adjust the price and allow you to access a 10% discount off your purchase. Leave a NEW comment telling me what you bought.
The winner will be drawn by a third party and announced on Wednesday on this site.

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