2nd Generations Friends

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We had the pleasure of a visit from some very special friends…

Sarah, (one of my dearest childhood friends,) and her husband along with their four beautiful kids came to spend the weekend with us.
We crammed as much fun into 60 hours as we could!
That totals 13 people operating out of 1 bathroom since C is remodeling our other one:-) A great practical lesson in sharing and taking turns. The kids were troopers and there was only one accident….
….to my knowledge.

The kids wasted no time forming fast friendships.

Of course with six little girls in the house, the tutus were bound to come out!

And we set a new record for number of people we can cram around our dining room table.
One fabulous Mexican Fiesta!

And did you know it is possible to squeeze 7 kids into a plastic swimming pool?
I counted!

It was the first time Sarah and I have had our kids together for an extended period of time since we live 4 hours away from each other. So very special to see our little ones bonding and enjoying the same things together that we did as young girls.

….Like watching all 6 hours of Anne of Green Gables.

The daddies showed the kids a great time with wild rides on the tube and boat. And they were good sports when they ran out of gas and got stuck in the middle of the lake…
…with all the kids…
Sarah and I enjoyed a delightfully quiet afternoon of conversation….ahem……I mean we were worried sick about them during their two hour absence.
Both being the eldest daughters of large families, Sarah and I shared a dream of someday being wives and mothers.
Look at these blessings….
I think its safe to say those dreams have come true!

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