21st Century Misfit

Friday, April 1, 2011
My new neighbor friend Cathy has really reached out to us. When we met, Evie wasted no time in presumptuously asking, “When can we come to your house and have a tea party?
She’s quite the shy, retiring type, huh?
This week, Cathy graciously obliged her request. We sat and sipped apricot tea and chatted as the girls stirred crystalized sugar cubes with tiny spoons. Exquisite savory chicken salad tarts. Ripe strawberries with a frothy dollop of whipped cream. Cranberry cones and jam. Fresh flowers picked from her garden. Crisply ironed white linens. Classical music serenading us. Gold trimmed porcelain pieces. A dozen lovely gifts crammed into a three hour inspiring conversation.
Im quite certain I was born in the wrong century. I could very happily incorporate high tea as a daily afternoon ritual. And my girls are rather fond of it too!

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