10 Things I Love About You

Thursday, March 29, 2012
10 Months!!  We have officially known you outside the womb longer than we knew of you!  Every month post that I do seems to come around more quickly than the last.  Enough of the growing and changing.  Evie asked the other day why you can’t just stay a little baby.  Id like to know too!
10 Things I love About You:
1) You “Patty-cake” on command and are clearly SO proud!
2) You’re learning to sign “more” instead of screaming when your pile of cheerios runs out.
3) Its the cutest thing, whenever someone drops something, you try to say “uh-oh“.  Usually only one syllable “uh” comes out, but we know thats what you’re trying to say because you always use it in context.  So funny!
4) You give KISSES!  Its the sweetest thing in the world.  Getting you to share kisses is easy.  Getting you to stop is not.  You’ll go on for half an hour with your face puckered like a fish smacking your lips.  A-dorable!
5) You love to blow raspberries and bubbles.
6) You wave bye-bye.  You practice in front of the mirror with a huge grin on your face.  You think that little girl waving back at you is pretty cute!
7) You have 4 teeth.  Two on top.  Two on the bottom.  (They are super cute pearly whites, but the random biting has got to stop missy!!)
8) You have some serious chunky-monkey thighs!  (you’re welcome!)
9) You are a terrible sleeper.  Right now, its 12:00am and Im typing this with you in the snugglie because after 4 failed attempts to lay you down, I quit.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E! 
Ok, so I don’t love the terrible sleeper part, but the snuggles all night long make it absolutely worth it!
9) You love the cat.  You love Grandmas cocker spaniel.  You love uncle DJ’s great big boxer that gets in your face and gives you slobbery kisses.  But put you in a picture with a cuddly little yellow chick for your Easter pictures and you FREAK OUT!  You are so funny little girl and keep us guessing!
10) The other thing you hate is bath time.  Ive never had a child that didn’t like the bath.  This is new territory for Mommy!  But even tho its a fight, I love, love, love the smell of freshly bathed Gigi asleep in my arms.  Some candle company needs to bottle that fragrance….heavenly scent!
Goals for next month:
~ Learn to self sooth.
~  Practice saying “Mama”.  Currently, you repeat “Dada” all day long.  
Thats ok….I know you like me best!

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